Texas cheerleader behind viral 'invisible step' dance moves reveals how she did it

A Texas teen's six-second video of the dance move went viral.

— -- The Texas teenager whose gravity-defying dance move went viral demonstrates how she pulls off her "invisible step" on "Good Morning America."

The original video that Ariel Olivar posted on her Twitter account of her doing the move has been retweeted over 120,000 times and liked over 248,000 times in a matter of days.

"When I posted it to my Snap story and then later on at night to Twitter ... it exploded and went everywhere," Olivar told ABC News, adding that she "did not expect it to do that."

"I was up all night because the notifications would not stop coming and it's unbelievable how a six-second video got to this where we are now," she added.

How to do the 'invisible step:'

1. "Show them your invisible box"

Olivar says the first step is to show your audience "your invisible box."

"So you pat ... not too high, because then you have to step up that high, so I do maybe a foot off the ground maybe," she said. "Pat it and remember where your hand is."

2. Flex your foot and 'stand' on the box

Next, Olivar said to stand up and "place your foot right there," where you initially patted, "as if you are about to stand on a box." She adds that you have to keep the foot that is stepping on the imaginary box still during the entire time you move your other foot. "Keep your foot flexed like if you are standing on a box," she said.

3. Jump up with your other leg

Olivar says to then jump up off of your other leg and bring it higher than the leg that is suspended on the imaginary box. "You have to have enough force and leg strength" to get your other foot higher than the foot on the box, she added.

"It's all just kind of one motion, just keep this leg in the air the whole time in the same exact spot," she added of the leg placed on the imaginary box.

"As you can see, when I came over, this leg was still here as if it planted on the box," she said of her suspended foot. "So, that's about it for my invisible box challenge. Hope ya'll can do the same at home!"