Thanksgiving Dinner Without Lifting a Finger

Thanksgiving dinner without the stress.

— -- If you love the idea of a large Thanksgiving gathering but hate the idea of shopping, cooking and messy kitchens, read on. ABC News has three ways to host a spectacular Thanksgiving meal, without lifting a finger.

First up, Goldbely. The site features amazing local delicacies from all over the nation for delivery to your doorstep. You want a Cajun-stuffed Turducken from Louisiana, sweet potatoes from Texas, lobster mac-and-cheese from Maine and a pecan pie from Oklahoma? You got it. Need something a bit more off-the-beaten path or culturally fitting? How about Thanksgiving pierogis from Colorado or a sheperd's pie from Massachusetts? Check and check. It’s all delivered to your door.

Along the same lines as Feastly's communal dining is EatWith. If you would like to avoid altogether having people in your home but love the idea of throwing an event this holiday season, check out EatWith. Available in more than 150 cities, EatWith's chefs host dinner parties in their homes -- some complete with wine -- for a set number of guests agreed on by the host and organizer.