Everything You Need to Know to Throw the Ultimate Oscars Party

Celebrate like the stars at your Oscars viewing party this year.

February 21, 2014, 10:30 AM

Feb. 24, 2014 -- intro: Yeah, you could just pop some corn and uncork a few bottles of wine. Or, you could turn your Oscars viewing party into an event worthy of the occasion. Click through for next-level ways to host this year’s best, yet still low-key (it is a Sunday, after all), bash. Because you deserve to celebrate like the stars.

quicklist:1title: Up the Antetext: Everyone always gets a little more excited about things when there’s money involved. Collect $5 from your guests when they arrive and hand out this Oscar ballot. Winner takes all, but the fun, competitive spirit will benefit everyone.media: 22599589

quicklist:2title: Oh, You Fancy?text: Edible gold glitter stars might be the easiest way to add immediate swag to your soiree. Simply wet the rims of champagne glasses before dipping in the gold stuff for an instantly chic look.media: 22602788

quicklist:3title: Dine Like the Starstext: Wolfgang Puck has been serving the stars at the Oscars Governors Ball for 20 years, and each time he delivers drool-worthy dishes. Dine like the nominees at your viewing party with the recipes he’s making this year below.

Kale and Cauliflower Chips: “We’ll be passing around kale and cauliflower chips as a healthy alternative to chips at the Governors Ball. They pair perfectly with champagne and cocktails,” Wolfgang said. “If you want to make them in advance for your own party, allow enough time for them to bake to crispness in your oven at its lowest setting, and then, after they’ve cooled, store in airtight containers at cool room temperature.”

Butternut Squash Risotto: Serve mini portions of this decadent rice dish as an appetizer.

Beef Short Rib Goulash with Spaetzle: “Elegant menus can and should incorporate nostalgic comfort foods—it adds a refreshing touch!,” Wolfgang said. “This year, I will be serving a beef short rib goulash with spaetzle which was my favorite dish that my mother would make for us growing up in Austria.”

Red Carpet Red Velvet Cupcakes: Okay, so these cupcakes from Georgetown Bakery aren’t being served at the Governor’s Ball. But they are a gorgeous and delicious themed dessert.media: 22602003

quicklist:4title: Or Have Fun with the Foodtext: If you’d rather be a little sillier with what you serve, take the night’s theme to the max and plan dishes that play off the nominated movies. Here are a few examples:

“Her”bed Quiche with Blue Cheese

“Dallas Buyers Club” Sandwich

Philet-omena-gnon (Philomena)

“American Hustle” Sprouts

Baked “Nebraska”media: 20985523

quicklist:6title: Play Oscars Bingotext: To keep everyone entertained and alert during even the most rambling of speeches, hand out these fun and interactive bingo cards that call out the most hilarious of moments, like thanking Meryl Streep or God, exiting the wrong way, tripping on the way to the stage a la Jennifer Lawrence and kissing the Oscar. Obviously the freebie is Ellen dancing. media: 22685358

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