On New Tiffany Site, Luxury Looms Large

PHOTO: The World of Tiffany page on the new Tiffany.comCourtesy Tiffany & Co.
The World of Tiffany page on the new Tiffany.com

The truth is, bigger sometimes is better.

And when Tiffany.com launched its redesign on Monday, it made it clear that the iconic luxury goods store has been thinking outside the little blue box. The new site, while clearly rooted in e-commerce, devotes much of its digital footprint to the rich history and glamour that surrounds the brand.

Using striking, closeup visuals of baubles such as Jean Schlumberger's commanding pieces from the Blue Book couture collection and behind-the-scenes storytelling from inside of the Tiffany Workshop above the Fifth Avenue flagship store, shoppers are invited to linger in a world of beauty and opulence.

"The Tiffany customer is looking for more than just a shopping experience. They want to immerse themselves in the world of Tiffany," said Carson Glover, global director of worldwide public relations for Tiffany & Co. "With over 175 years of timeless heritage, Tiffany has a rich archive of sketches and imagery that highlights the many stories behind each collection."

To wit, one can see the Tiffany anniversary Morganite Necklace, which features a jaw-dropping 175-carat rose-colored gemstone, not just draping the porcelain neck of model Karen Elson but also magnified in high resolution, illustrated on draft paper and shimmering as a craftsman examines it in the studio.

Enhanced zoom capability abounds, with multiple views of Tiffany jewelry on models and in accompanying videos. The effect is mesmerizing to play with: You can expand a platinum Etoile band ring onscreen to approximately the width of your head.

In the World of Tiffany section, a timeline offers delicious nuggets of the brand's legacy, while another page covers recent store openings and red carpet reportage.

But Tiffany.com is also a destination for those in love, and that, too, is reflected in the new redesign, which has expanded its Engagement section. Brides-to-be can consult with a Tiffany diamond expert, learn about the "4Cs," and try the "See It On" feature, which scales a selection to a model's hand along with a designated skin pigmentation.

Couples can even pin semi-anonymous love notes to an interactive map.

"Forever my princess," begins one recent post. Another quotes Barry White song lyrics heard at many a wedding reception.

Whether the new site will lead to more little blue boxes beneath the tree this holiday season is yet to be determined. But for now many girls can dream -- in vivid, sparkling detail.