'Top Chef' alum shows how to use natural dyes to create festive deviled eggs

Learn how to prepare deviled Easter eggs just in time for the holiday

— -- With Easter just days away, it's time for observers of the holiday to grab a few pearly white eggs and a dozen or so vibrant dyes to create festive ovals that look good enough to eat. But, this year also might be a perfect time to try cooking some colorful eggs that you really can eat. These festive eggs can leave decorative baskets for the Easter dinner table.

"Top Chef" second runner-up Marcel Vigneron, owner of Wolf restaurant on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, shows how to create a special deviled-egg dish with an Easter twist, using natural food dyes such as beets and Matcha to add a pop of color to a classic hors d'oeuvre.

The former titular star of SyFy's "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen" took ABC News' Olivia Smith through a demonstration of how to prepare the appetizer. With such ingredients as turmeric and dried hibiscus, a deviled-egg dish becomes an angelic masterpiece.

Here's the step-by-step egg-dyeing guide, as explained by the chef himself.

1) Start by boiling eggs in their shells for about 12 minutes (or however long you'd prefer) and then place them in ice cold water. 2) De-shell the eggs using a hard surface or with cold water to make removal easier. 3) Place the eggs in separate bowls based on which colors you'd like to dye them. 4) Fill the respective bowls with either the hibiscus flowers or the turmeric and pour boiling water into the bowls. 5) Let sit for about 12 hours in the liquid concoctions.

Check out the video to see how the radiant eggs transform into a delicious treat to add to this year's Easter menu.