Twin 4-Year-Old Girls' Hulk Princess Birthday Cake Smashes Sweet Stereotypes

The birthday cake has gone viral with more than 1.3 million views on Reddit.

— -- The hulk is helping smash stereotypes with this sweet princess birthday cake.

It was no surprise to Lainie and Brian Elton, of Toronto, Canada, when their twin 4-year-old daughters requested, of all things, a Hulk princess cake for their birthday party on Sept. 13. What surprised them instead was the reaction the cake has received online.

“It’s amazing. Completely unexpected,” Lainie Elton, 36, told ABC News of her baking creation that’s gone viral. “I knew Reddit would probably give it a few upvotes but I had no idea that this was going to happen.”

The photo of the cake has received more than 1.3 million views since the proud parents posted it to the social sharing site just three days ago.

“What I think is really awesome is just the conversation that it has sparked, with gender stereotyping with kids,” Elton explained. “I think it’s great that I can contribute to that conversation. I am fully supportive of kids wearing and playing with whatever they're interested in. If my daughter wants to wear blue shoes and play with action figures, I’m all for it.”

Elton says the idea for the cake mashup came about completely organically.

“A couple of weeks before the party we were driving in the car somewhere and I was trying to figure out what they wanted to do for the party so I asked them,” she recalled. “They’re very outgoing and very funny and they like what they like. For their cake, one of them yelled, ‘A Hulk princess!’ And all of us started clapping and I was just like, ‘Ok, I can make this happen.’”

But when she started searching online for inspiration, she was shocked by the lack of results that turned up for something similar to her daughters’ requests.

“I started Googling Hulk princess and found nothing and I was determined to figure this out,” said Elton. “I’m pretty crafty. I found something on Pinterest and it was a she-Hulk cake with a Barbie doll painted green, but that’s not what I wanted at all. I wanted the real Hulk.”

So that’s exactly what she did. It took a total of six hours over the course of several days, with a little help from her husband, the more experienced baker in the family, but she finally pulled it off-- and her girls were certainly not disappointed.

Safe to say they had one Hulk of a happy birthday!