Utah Woman Struggles to Cuddle With Foster Dog and Her 11 Puppies in Viral Video

Video of Stevoni Doyle's foster dog Grayce and her pups has gone viral.

— -- A video of a pit bull mother picking up her 11 puppies one by one and placing them in the arms of her foster mom has captured the internet's attention.

Utah mother of five Stevoni Doyle told ABC News that her foster dog Grayce gave birth on Sunday, three weeks after she welcomed the pit bull into her Spanish Fork, Utah, home.

Doyle, 39, is part of a volunteer foster parent network organized by Rescue Rovers. The nonprofit organization transports dogs at high-kill shelters into homes in Utah.

Doyle, along with her husband of eight years, Levi Doyle, began fostering dogs 10 years ago. They started specializing in pregnant dogs about two years ago.

Grayce, 2, arrived through a friend who had just gotten the dog back amid a divorce.

"He knew she was pregnant, and he couldn't handle it. He wanted these puppies to have a good home," Stevoni Doyle recalled.

On Sunday, Grayce welcomed her new brood — one girl and 10 boys. When Stevoni Doyle went to check on her after work the next day, she sat watching Grayce from across the room. Levi Doyle recorded the entire interaction on his smartphone.

"I wanted to give her space," the foster mom said. "And every time a puppy would cry, she would pick it up and bring it to me, until all 11 of them were in my arms.

"I guess she just wanted some reassurance and some love," Stevoni Doyle added.

In four weeks, she will begin accepting applications for those looking to adopt Grayce's puppies. Doyle plans to spay or neuter them and microchip them. She is accepting applications only from Utah residents.

Since her video has gone viral, Doyle hopes that amazing families will step forward.

"Anybody could learn to be a pit bull parent," she said. "There's a stigma behind them that they're a powerful dog, but with the proper training, love and care, anybody could do it."