How Vine Genius Zach King Pulls Off Eye-Popping Magic Tricks in 6 Seconds

Zach King has built an empire off his amazing 6-second videos.

— -- Vine magician Zach King doesn’t need long to impress.

His 6-second videos, in which he disappears into thin air, teleports, flies and turns a handful of coffee beans into a latte – just to name a few stunts -- have his 2.6 million Vine followers asking, “how does he do that?”

“We’ll do sometimes just simple jump cuts where I freeze and people come over and change my clothes and whatever,” King, 23, explained. “A lot of people… are like 'How did he do that?' And we’re like, ‘It’s just a freeze.’”

Invisible strings and optical illusions also help create the effects. But even though the videos are only 6 seconds long, King and his team spend hours perfecting them.

“It usually takes about five hours to shoot and edit a video,” he said.

But King warned that sometimes his stunts can risky.

“The most difficult/dangerous was I did one… I made it look like I fell off the roof into a cooler, with balloons,” he said. “It was one of those tile roofs where it can slide. So we had a couple tiles fall off the roof and break …I feel like I need to say, ‘Do not try at home, for all the disclaimers for parents.”

For King, making a little video magic is worth the risk.

“It’s all about inspiring people,” he said.