Viral 'Star Wars' Family out With New Photo Shoot Inspired By the Film

Victor Sine and Julianne Payne look strikingly similar to Finn and Rey.

Victor Sine took on the role of Finn, while his fiancée, Julianne Payne dressed up as Rey. And they didn't leave their nearly 1-year-old daughter out of the fun. Little Addie was turned into miniature robot BB-8, or as Sine likes to call her, "Baby 8."

The family is now out with a new photo spread taken earlier this week, inspired by the first part of "The Force Awakens" when viewers meet Rey in the city of Jakku.

Sine said their daughter loves it too.

"She's really probably one of the best babies," the California native gushed. "She doesn't cry. She loves being outside. She loves people. She loves looking at different things. She loves her picture being taken."

Sine said that when he marries Payne, 22, on May 28, the two plan to incorporate "Star Wars" into their nuptials.

"We're going to get a lot of lightsabers so that in the ... reception, everyone will kind of raise their lightsabers for pictures," he revealed. "We're thinking about maybe having a lightsaber battle. Like, we're going to start dancing and then pull out our lightsabers then battle for a second. And for Addie, we might give her a BB-8 hat."