Watch These Dads Have an Adorable Dance Party With Their Babies

When their moms are away, these two babies will play.

— -- Chris Fabregas and Matt McCarty have been best buddies since the eighth grade.

Now that they're both new dads, they've come up with a way to combine the quality time they share with their kids.

"Here in California, you can take some time off of work and take care of your children," said Fabregas, who works as an actor and model. "I took off six weeks. My buddy Matt has Fridays off."

Each Friday, Fabregas finds new activities to do with his five-month-old son Hudson, McCarty, and his nine-month-old daughter, Victoria.

"We've been calling it 'daddy day care,'" he told ABC News. "We have breakfast, we go to the beach -- it started off with us taking pictures and sending them to our circle of Facebook friends."

One day, Fabregas and McCarty decided to do something different with Hudson and Victoria. The result was an adorable video of the two men dancing with their babies.

"We sent it to my wife and she said it was the best thing she'd ever seen," Fabregas said. "Of course the next thing was to share it on YouTube and it just took off."

As for future "daddy day care" videos, Fabregas said that he and McCarty plan on incorporating McCarty's profession as a personal trainer.

"We are talking about what we can do for a second video," he said. "We're thinking whether it's going to be dancing, or if it'll be fitness -- something fun, but informative. I have a blast. It's def hard work taking care of a little one, but it’s the best work in the world. It’s a great bonding experience for me and Hudson."