Woman Makes Christmas Tree Dress Out of 590 Balloons

“Here I am big and grown up and I’m a balloon lady. How fun did that turn out?"

Molly Munyan is a professional balloon dress maker.

To help spread holiday cheer, Munyan, who prefers to go by Molly Balloons, carefully crafted an 8-and-a-half-foot-tall Christmas tree balloon dress and pranced her way down to the bustling Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri, to show off her festive frock.

“I never really pictured this as being what my life would be,” she told ABC News. “Here I am, big and grown up, and I’m a balloon lady. How fun did that turn out? Cool. Wow.”

Molly had to wear stilts to accommodate the giant balloon gown, which consisted of 590 balloons.

"That's my most so far, by far," she said of the Christmas tree design.

Little ones gazed up at her in amazement, even posing for photos with the holiday attire.

Her passion came from humble beginnings, and blossomed into a professional career at the age of 15.

“I was bored and creative in my parents’ basement when I was like 9 years old and I learned all sorts of different crafts, including balloons,” she recalled. “And then I picked it back up just for kicks and giggles when I was almost 15 going into high school and everyone all at once realized, ‘Oh, I could do this as a profession.’ People started asking if I would do parties and I was like, ‘Uh, sure.’”

She said the balloon dresses take anywhere from eight to 17 hours to complete, depending on their size and complexity.

“They basically take a day-and-a-half, when it’s all said and done, from the first balloon being blown up to the first picture being taken,” she explained.

“The most difficult part of the dresses is finishing on time,” she added.

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