6 Women Who Suffered Pregnancy or Infant Loss Offer Hope in Rainbow Photo Shoot

The idea came from photographer Alex Bolen.

— -- One Missouri photographer is helping moms who have suffered pregnancy or infant loss tell their stories in a new breathtaking "rainbow baby" photo shoot.

The photo shoot is part of a trend to use rainbows to represent the hope brought by children born to mothers who had previously suffered a loss through miscarriage or the death of a child at or soon after birth.

The mothers are photographed with their children in the now-viral photo shoot to bring hope to other women who may be suffering from a recent pregnancy or infant loss.

Photographer Alex Bolen told ABC News that she discovered the term "rainbow baby" after becoming pregnant with her daughter last year. She also realized that many of her friends had suffered the loss of a baby but went on to have children.

"It's one of those subjects that's very taboo," she said of pregnancy and infant loss. "It's a sad thing to talk about and I kind of started brainstorming ideas in order to spread the message."

Bolen, 23, tapped six women, some who are pregnant again and others who now have children, who were brave enough to share their stories. They all came together in a St.Louis-area field for the 45-minute photo shoot to represent different colors of the rainbow.

They each then told their stories in a series of now-viral Facebook photos.

Bolen said it's "surreal" that so many took to these women and their powerful stories of loss and triumph.

"A lot of moms really don’t get to talk about miscarriage," she said. "We wanted moms to come out and tell their story."