1-year-old boy picks fight with his own shadow

PHOTO: 1-year-old boy Karter Willis is cracking up Facebook thanks to a video in which hes trying to fight his own shadow.PlayCourtesy Sharee Calloway
WATCH 1-year-old picks fight with his own shadow

A 1-year-old boy was surprised to see his shadow following him around, so he decided to do something about it.

Karter Willis' parents -- Sharee Calloway and Kevin Willis -- recorded him literally shadowboxing his own shadow on Monday. The result is a hilarious video that shows the joys of being a toddler.

"We were laughing uncontrollably," Calloway told ABC News.

Karter's father, Willis, told ABC News that he was sitting on the couch when he noticed his son was "shocked at the shadow." So he picked up his phone to record what would happen next.

His parents, who live in Detroit, Michigan, didn't explain what a shadow was to their son. Instead, they decided to keep laughing.