3-Year-Old's Adorable After-School Mailbox Ritual

Mom documents 3-year-old's daily mailbox ritual on Instagram.

September 8, 2014, 3:13 PM

— -- You’ve got mail! Or at least this precious little girl hopes so.

Every single day when 3-year-old Clementine Flowers gets home from school, she races to her bedroom to change into an adorable costume -- just to check the mail.

“This was definitely her idea,” Clementine’s mom, Erin Piper-Flowers, of Dallas, Texas, told ABC News. “She doesn’t usually get to wear everything she wants to at school. She can get away with her Cinderella shoes and today she wore her Super Girl outfit, but as soon as she gets home she goes straight to her room to get dressed up.”

The charming tradition apparently all started with Piper-Flowers’ husband, Paul Flowers, who always enjoyed his daily trip to mailbox.

“My husband’s thing has always been checking the mail, so it became her thing to go out there with him to chat with the neighbors,” she explained.

Clementine’s fashion gene definitely came from her mom, though. Piper-Flowers is the senior fashion stylist for Neiman Marcus Last Call, and judging by her little girl’s fancy footwear, jelly shoes with sparkly bows and Cinderella’s face emblazoned on the toe, that would make sense.

“She has a new pair now though that are little red glitter shoes,” her mom explained. “She calls them her Dorothy shoes.”

The stylish preschooler is usually in head-to-toe princess attire when she heads out to the curb with her daddy to check on the day’s deliveries, but “lately,” her mom added, “she’s gotten more into ‘Toy Story,’ wanting to be a cowgirl or Buzz Lightyear.”

And the neighbors have started to catch on to the daily costumed ritual, even gifting the little girl with new outfits to add into the mix.

“The neighbors across the street gave her a poodle skirt because they know she’s so into dress-up,” said Piper-Flowers.

The family has been documenting Clementine’s costumes on Instagram using the hashtag, #whatweweartocheckthemail, which has been getting lots of attention on social media, but to them, “it’s just another day in the life of a little girl.”

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