Stunning Video Captures Tornado Supercell Brewing in Wyoming

PHOTO: Storm chasers capture tornado in Wyoming.PlayCourtesy: Basehunters
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In a stunning two-minute time-lapse video, storm chasers Colt Forney, Isaac Pato, Scott Peake and Kevin Rolfs captured the formation of a supercell tornado trekking through parts of northeast Wyoming recently.

To get incredible stills and video of storms, Pato said his team moves into position about 1 to 2 miles away from a storm, depending on its speed and growth.

“When I started I was scared,” Pato told ABC News today. But over the years, he said he’s realized that, “it’s not a fear that would impede our judgment.”

The team of four initially met during their freshman year studying meteorology at the University of Oklahoma.

Since then, they’ve chased more than 100 tornadoes, blizzards, dust storms and hurricanes.

Armed with their GoPro video cameras, still cameras and GPS systems, the team regularly monitors the National Weather Service online and tries to go out whenever they can.

“It’s a hobby and a passion” Pato said.

Basehunters Chasing, the company that the four storm chasers created, is based out of Norman, Oklahoma.

According to its Facebook page, their mission is “to seek out severe weather and to boldly go where no chaser has gone before" -- a riff on the old "Star Trek" intro.