Lama Hasan

Lama Hasan is an ABC News correspondent based in London since 2010. She reports for all ABC News' broadcasts and platforms, including "World News with Diane Sawyer," "Good Morning America," "This Week" and "Nightline," as well as ABC News Radio, ABC News NOW and

Recently Hasan covered Italy's deadly Costa Concordia cruise ship disaster and the Amanda Knox trail. In 2011, Hasan's reporting made ABC the first U.S. network on the ground covering the famine in east Africa. Hasan was one of the first reporters on the ground to cover the drought and famine in Somalia and the refugee crisis in Dadaab, Kenya. That same year she covered both the Egyptian and Libyan revolutions extensively, reporting on surface-to-air missile depots left behind for rebels to loot after Gadhafi's army left. She was recognized with the 2011CINE Golden Eagle Award for her contribution to the 20/20 special ''Islam: Answers and Questions.''

Before her current assignment, Hasan was a correspondent based in Cairo, Egypt filing reports across ABC News' broadcasts and platforms. Prior to her post in Cairo, Hasan was a London-based ABC News correspondent and anchor for ABC News NOW, the network's 24-hour digital channel. She anchored the international news program "World View" on ABC News NOW and reported on breaking news events for the network.

Overseas Hasan has covered several major stories, including: the Gaza conflict in January 2009 from the Egyptian side of the border; the H1N1, or swine flu, outbreak from Hong Kong; the war between Israel and Hezbollah in summer 2006 from Jerusalem and Larnaca, Cyprus; the funeral of Pope John Paul II; the Gaza withdrawal from Israel; human trafficking in Moldova; and slavery in Mauritania in northwestern Africa. She has also done extensive reporting on the Arab reaction to the Iraq war.

From 2002-03, Hasan was a field producer for ABC News, traveling on location throughout the Middle East. Previously she worked as a production assistant and a news desk assistant for "World News Tonight" and "Good Morning America," respectively. She began her career at ABC News in August 2000.

Hasan graduated from Queen's College and Mander Portman Woodward and has her graduate degree in management and computer science from the University College London. She is fluent in Arabic.