April 15, 2005: Road to Recovery

ByABC News
April 18, 2005, 2:13 PM

WASHINGTON, April 15, 2005 — -- And now, an update on three soldiers injured in Iraq and photographed by Time magazine's Jim Nachtwey. We first reported their story on April 6, 2005:

Specialist Jim Batchelor, who carries his wounds within him, is ... in some ways ... having the hardest time of it. He finds it difficult to leave his farm. He currently goes to counseling sessions in Dallas twice a month; but thinks he'll start going to more sessions. His wife recently filed for divorce.

Lt. Therese Frenz is still at the Brooke Army Medical Center but expects to be discharged at the end of this month. She is hoping to resume her work with the Air Force in the next few months with another overseas assignment.

As for Sgt. Joey Bozik, he expects to be at Walter Reed Army Medical Center for another year. He attends therapy sessions five days a week, six hours a day.And take a look at this: Seen here last weekend in Aspen, Colo., ... Joey went skiing. That's his wife, Jayme, behind him.

One footnote: I mentioned the subject of our program tonight to a technician who was doing some work over at our house. "Oh yes," he said. "I wanted to visit some of those guys at Walter Reed, so I called to find out what, if anything I could bring. I was told they've got so many people wanting to visit, that I was told to call back in several weeks."

Now that's nice to hear.

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