Chats With Cats, Talks With Dogs

Dana Miller says she can communicate with animals

ByABC News
July 30, 2010, 12:13 PM

August 2, 2010 -- Admit it – you've thought to yourself before, "What is my pet really thinking?"

But because our pets don't have the fictional communication abilities possessed by television characters like Scooby Doo and Brian from "Family Guy," we are more often than not completely in the dark when it comes to our beloved animals' inner thoughts and ideas.

However, self-proclaimed animal psychic Dana Miller believes otherwise. "I consider myself a professional listener," she said. "Whatever they want to say is fine."

Miller makes a living out of talking to pets – and she says they talk back.

"I communicate with animals. They can communicate through telepathic communications."

Although pet telepathy may sound a little out there, Miller is not alone. Thousands of so-called "animal psychics" are now popping up across the country, advertising their intuitive services through websites, YouTube videos, and even a reality show on Animal Planet, "Pet Psychic." Miller is based in Los Angeles, and she advertises her services through word-of-mouth and through her website.

Miller said her ability is somewhat unique - she can communicate with animals without being in physical contact with them.

"I do what's called long-distance communication," she said. "They can be in Florida - doesn't matter."

What sets Miller even further apart from other psychics is she doesn't discriminate when it comes to animal communication. Squirrels, raccoons, coyotes, tigers – she says she has even conversed with cows.

"Cows talk really slow," she said. "Really, really slow when they talk."

But how does this actually work? What are Miller's conversations with animals actually like?

During a recent communication, Miller 'spoke' with a cat named Max. Judith, Max's owner, was at the end of her rope with her pet's affinity for using house furniture as a scratching pad.

Judith contacted Miller, and sent her pictures of the cat.

"I will look at the picture and it takes me about 45 minutes of time," Miller said. "I will let the animal talk as long as (they) want to go. Out of respect to them, I won't cut them off."