Able Auto Works Responds to ABC's 'The Lookout's' Report, 'Undercover Mechanic'

ABC's "The Lookout" went undercover to Able Auto Works in Jersey City, N.J. The company's owner reached out with this statement after the report aired.

Response From Able Auto Works Owner Julio Clavijo:

"In regards to the report on ABC the Lookout on Able Auto Works:

"I want to offer a sincere apology for the way our customer was handled by my manager Mickey. As a small business owner, I have worked very hard to build my business and I value my reputation in the community. I expect all my employees to treat every customer with respect, courtesy and honesty. I was extremely disappointed to discover that my manager did not conduct business in a professional manner. In doing so, he has caused damage to the reputation of Able Auto Works as a company, and to all the other employees that provide quality service.

"My company will refund the entire charge for the service and I am taking extreme steps to discipline all employees involved, and also train all my employees in customer relations and ethics.

"As owner of Able Auto Works I will be vigilant to ensure that something like this never happens again. Maintaining the trust of our customers is the most important thing for me and I want to convey that the action of one individual does not reflect the honest work that we are known for in our community."