Appendix: Vehicles, Personnel of the 507th

All told, the 507th Maintenance Ordnance Company lost nine soldiers on March 23. Two other soldiers from Fort Stewart were also killed. At least two Marines were killed during the rescue. Following are details of the vehicles and personnel of the 507th.

Terms Used

WIA:Wounded in action

KIA: Killed in action

POW: Prisoner of War

MOS: Military Occupational Specialty 35-Juliet — Computer automation systems repairer

63-Bravo — Light wheeled vehicle mechanic

63-Whiskey — Heavy equipment mechanic

63-Zulu — Mechanic, first sergeant

92-Alpha — Logistical supply clerk

92-Golf — Food service specialist (cook)

92-Yankee — Unit supply sergeant

The 507th Convoy Order

Command Humvee

Unarmored. Equipped with AN/PSN-11 Precision Lightweight Global Positioning Receiver, or "Plugger."

Also equipped with SINGARS standard military vehicle radio.

Driver: Pfc. Dale Nace

Passenger: Capt. Troy Kent King

"Tool Truck" for Motor Pool

A 5-ton truck with a green shelter on the back, carting all the tools needed for a mobile mechanic's shop.

Driver: Spc. Timothy Johnson 63-B

Passenger: Spc. Anthony Pierce 63-B

5-Ton "Bobtail" Tractor Pulling a "C&E" Trailer

A 40-foot trailer with communications and electronics equipment.

Driver: Sgt. Joel Petrick Radio repair

Passenger: Spc. Nicholas Peterson Radio repair

5-Ton "Bobtail" Tractor Pulling a M-870 Trailer

It has metal slats, open top with "ISU 90" container on it. Cab of the tractor topped with a "ring-mounted" .50-caliber machine gun.

Driver: Pfc. Marc Dubois 92-A

Passenger: Cpl. Damien Luten (WIA) 92-A

5-Ton Bobtail Pulling a Trailer Fitted With a "Priority 1" 40-Foot CONEX Box

The box contains the "50 critical parts" for maintaining a Patriot missile battery. Equipped with a GPS "plugger."

Driver: Spc. Jun Zhang 92-A

Passenger: Sgt. Curtis Campbell (WIA) 92-A

Humvee Equipped With GPS "Plugger" and Vehicle Radio

Driver: CW3 Nash, a computer and electronic specialist

Passenger: Staff Sgt. Tarik Jackson, 63-W (WIA)

5-Ton Fuel Truck With 2,600-Gal Pods Driver: Pfc. Adam Elliott, diesel mechanic. 63-B

Passenger: Spc. James Grubb,63-B (WIA)

5-Ton Bobtail Truck With M-870 Trailer Passenger: Cpl. Francis Carista 63-B (WIA)

Driver: Sgt. Matthew Rose 92-Y

1st Sergeant's Humvee

Equipped with GPS plugger and SINGARS radio.

Driver: Pfc. Lori Piestewa (KIA) 92-G

Passenger: Master Sgt. Robert J. Dowdy (KIA) 63-Zulu

Rear Passenger: Pfc. Jessica Lynch (WIA/POW) 92-A

5-Ton Bobtail Hauling a M-871 Trailer

Driver: Pfc. Howard Johnson (KIA) 92-A

Passenger: Pvt. Ruben Estrella-Soto (KIA) 92-A

5-Ton Bobtail Hauling a Trailer Driver: Pvt. Brandon U. Sloan (KIA) 92-A

Passenger: Sgt. Donald R. Walters (KIA) 92-G

5-Ton Truck With "C&E" Shelter on Bed

Driver: Spc. James Kiehl (KIA) 35-J

Passenger: Spc. Jamaal Addison (KIA) 35-B or 35-S

5-Ton Bobtail With Trailer

Driver: Spc. Edgar Hernandez (WIA/POW) 92-A

Passenger: Spc. Shoshanna Johnson (WIA/POW) 92-Golf

10-Ton "HEMTT"

Wedge-fronted wrecker towing a 5-ton bobtail with a 40-foot trailer.

Driver: Spc. Joseph Hudson (POW/WIA)

Passenger: CW2 Johnny Villareal Mata (KIA)

5-Ton Wrecker

Driver: Pfc. Patrick Miller. (POW)

Passenger: Sgt. James Riley (POW)

2.5-Ton "LMTV" Wrecker From 3rd Combat Support Battalion, Fort Stewart, Ga.

Driver: Spc. Edward Anguiano (KIA)

Passenger: Sgt. George E. Buggs (KIA)

ABCNEWS' Howard L. Rosenberg and Claire Weinraub compiled this report.