An Alibi for All Occasions

Web-based company will sell you a way out of a sticky situation.

ByABC News
April 12, 2007, 1:11 PM

April 12, 2007 — -- Have you ever been on a bad date and needed a way out? Or skipped work to go to the beach? Are you involved in a secret love affair, constantly worried that your spouse will find out?

Typically situations like these require an alibi, but often times a good excuse is not readily available. Or so you thought.

The times have changed, and now there's a company dedicated to providing a way out of these delicate situations. The Alibi Network has been in business for two years.

In America, where the next big idea is always looming, it was only a matter of time before someone would get into the business of providing alibis. "I'm a businessman. I'm a capitalist," said Mike DeMarco, the marketing chief for the Alibi Network. "That's really all I'm doing. I'm tapping into an existing market."

Business Is Booming

DeMarco's company has been contacted by people in more than a hundred countries. The Alibi Network Web site,, has a distinctive mission statement:

"Politicians have spin doctors, celebrities have publicists, corporations have lawyers and public relations departments, investment banks have analysts,now regular people have ALIBI NETWORK."

As it turns out, the alibi business is booming, and so-called regular people have reached out to the company in droves. To be fair, the Alibi Network is not focused solely on the business of infidelity. For example, some clients want to throw innocent surprise parties, while others just need to be provided with what DeMarco refers to as a "rescue call."

"You know, it's your third date," said DeMarco. "You're gonna get your groove on, but you don't want to hang around to cuddle"

However, most of the alibi business does involve cheating. DeMarco talks about a client who partied in Las Vegas while his wife thought he was fishing. The Alibi Network went the extra mile to cover his tracks.