RECIPES: Edible Art With Ferran Adrià

Chef Adrià uses gelatins and frozen air to create cutting-edge cuisines.


Recipe Courtesy Ferran Adrià


200g (1 cup) Isomalt

75g (1/4 cup) Familie Engl pumpkin seed oil


1) Melt the Isomalt in a pan over medium heat until the temperature reaches 120 degrees C / 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

2) Place 4 g (1 tsp) of pumpkin oil in an 18 g (3/4 oz) hemispherical measuring spoon.

3) Dip the sharp edge of a 2.5 cm (1 in) metal pastry cutter in the melted Isomalt caramel and remove it slowly so that a fine film forms across the base of the cutter.

4) Quickly pour the pumpkin seed oil from the spoon through the still-hot film on the cutter. In this way, the oil will be coated in a thin layer of caramel.

5) With scissors, cut the sugar thread that forms on top of the sweet to a length of 4 cm (1 ½ in).

6) Repeat the operation to make 10 sweets.

7) Keep the pumpkin oil sweets in an airtight container in a cool dry place.

Adrià's Tips

It is important to maintain the Isomalt caramel at 240 degrees Fahrenheit and not to let it take on any of the color, in order to give the sweets a fine, even coating.


Recipe Courtesy Ferran Adrià

For the Mango Crisp Base


150g Garnier mango puree

25g Isomalt

5g glucose

45g icing (confectioner's) sugar


1) Blend the mango puree, Isomalt, glucose and half the icing (confectioner's) sugar in a thermomix at 175 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes.

2) Strain the mixture and add the rest of the sugar, stirring with a whisk.

3) Store in an airtight container

For the Black Olive Water and Oil


400g black Aragon olives


1) Stone (pit) the olives and purée them in a liquidizer.

2) Squeeze the puree through a Superbag to obtain as much liquid as possible.

3) Pour the liquid into a measuring cup and store in a cool, dry place.

4) After 12 hours, the fat will have risen to the top. Separate the fat from the liquid.

5) Refrigerate both parts.

For the Dehydrated Mango Crisp Discs


150 g mango crisp base, previously prepared

1 transparent sheet the same size as the dehydrator disc with 20 X 2.5 cm (1 in) diameter circles cut out

1 Silpat the same diameter as the dehydrator disc


1) Place the transparent sheet over the Silpat and spread the mango crisp mixture evenly over the circular holes to a depth of 1 min.

2) Dry out in a dehydrator for 48 hours at 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

3) Once completely dried, store the mango discs in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

For the Black Olive Emulsion


50g black olive water previously prepared

½ X 2g gelatine leaf, rehydrated in cold water

0.5g Sucro

50g black olive fat, previously prepared

0.5g Glice


1) Dissolve the gelatine with a third of the black olive water over a medium heat, then add the remaining water.

2) Add the sucro and process with a hand-held blender.

3) At the same time, dissolve the Glice with the black olive fat at around 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

4) Gradually add the fat to the black olive water while processing with the hand-held blender.

5) Refrigerate for 2 hours.

6) Once it has set, make 10 X 0.2g portions

Finishing and presentation:

1) Fold 3 small sushi rolling mats, tucking the sides under to create a long platform.

2) Arrange the mats on a slate.

3) Place 10 mango discs on the mats and put 0.2g of olive emulsion on top of each disc.

4) Place another mango disc on top of each one.

Adrià's Tips:

How to eat: In a single mouthful