Child Witches: Resources, How to Help

Resources on how to help children accused of witchcraft in the Congo.

May 21, 2009— -- Learn more about the growing phenomenon where children are accused of witchcraft in the Democratic Republic of Congo and how to help the children featured in the "Nightline" special "Child Witches: Accused in the Name of Jesus."

How to Help Children in the Congo; Organizations Working to Combat Child Abandonment

Our House: Funded 100 percent by donations, "Our House" is a local initiative, which helps to rescue children, ages 3 to 18, who have been accused of witchcraft, abandoned and left to fend for themselves in the streets.

They focus on restoring hope in children's lives by providing access to education and medical care, creating a support network, and working to reunite families. Our House social worker Arnold Mushiete was ABC News' guide into this frightening world.

To donate, please visit the Ndako Ya Biso/Our House website, or send donations via mail.

Mailing Address:

Communite du Chemin-Neuf

Services Donateurs

For Children of Kinshasa

10 Rue Henrie IV

Lyon, 69287


REEJER: With over 15,000 street children under the age of 18 living in the streets of Kinshasa, Congo, The Educators of Children and Young of the Streets (REEJER) is an international network that fights to remove children from the streets by finding and working with their families to enforce a positive and productive reunification with their families. To learn more or donate to their cause, visit the REEJER website.

AFRICARE: The organization works to prevent child abandonment in African communities and help street children lead productive lives, giving them access to education and raising local awareness about the issue. To donate, or learn, more visit the AFRICARE website.

Georges Malaika Foundation: an organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities to young girls, ages 5 to 18, including many who have been accused of witchcraft. To learn more or donate, visit their website.

UNICEF: Since 1963, UNICEF has been working in the Congo, collaborating with government and philanthropic organizations to help children facing homelessness and health issues. For more information, visit the UNICEF's Congo website.