2016 Campaign: Donald Trump's Chopper vs. Scott Walker's Camper

PHOTO: Presidential contender Donald Trump drives his golf buggy past his helicopter in Turnberry, Scotland, July 31, 2015. | Scott Walker plans to visit all 99 counties in Iowa in this Winnebago RV before the Iowa caucuses.PlayScott Heppell/AP Photo | ABC News/Jordyn Phelps
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Scott Walker and Donald Trump don't have much in common, other than that they're both seeking the Republican presidential nomination, and their differences are highlighted in the way they campaign.

Trump often talks about his wealth, while Walker tells stories about his bargain shopping.

The differences are also visible in their choices of transportation: Trump's traveling in his private helicopter, while Walker's hitting the campaign trail in a Winnebago RV.

Donald Trump arrived Saturday at the Iowa State Fair in his Sikorsky S-76B helicopter. Trump's helicopter doesn't have his campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" on the side, but it does have his name in big bold letters.

Iowa State Fair's newest attraction: Trump Force One

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Walker's Winnebago RV isn't for camping. The Wisconsin governor has said he plans to drive it through all 99 counties in Iowa. Walker has made the camper his own, painting it red white and blue, with his campaign slogan -- "Reform, Growth, Safety."

It's got enough space to bring the family aboard and sit comfortably, but Walker told ABC News there's no space for someone to sleep in the RV because they've put a table where a bed would go.