Where 2016 Candidates Stand in NY a Week Before Primary

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are leading their respective races.

— -- The two presidential candidates who call New York home have significant leads in their respective races before the state's primaries next Tuesday.

The margins between Trump and Clinton and their respective rivals are relatively large but both have actually shrunk since the last poll was released.

Cruz hasn't physically campaigned in New York since last Thursday, while Kasich and Trump campaigned in different areas of the state through the weekend.

Cruz held events in Nevada and California over the weekend and into Monday, as his wife, Heidi, headlined an event on Long Island and in Queens during that same period.

Both Democratic candidates have been campaigning regularly in New York, which appears to have helped Clinton widen her lead a bit.

A New York victory, where there are 247 Democratic delegates at stake, would be a big win for Clinton, especially after seven of the past eight contests have not gone her way.

"If she were to lose or if it were very close in New York -- a state that she represented in the Senate -- that would be very devastating" for her campaign, said James Campbell, a professor of political science at the University at Buffalo.

Campbell told ABC News that part of the shock of the recent losses has been the margins of victory, and even if Sanders were to get 40 percent or so of the vote in New York, the state where he was born and raised, that would still be a "respectable showing."