2018 California primary election live results

California primary election results updated by county, candidate and party.

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Voters head to the polls in California, the largest state in the union.

Competitive races for governor, U.S. Senate and a slew of U.S. House seats, combined with the state's "Jungle Primary" system where the top two candidates regardless of political party advance to the November election, present both Republicans and Democrats with unique challenges Tuesday night.

The Democrats attempt to retake the U.S. House runs through a slew of California districts, including the seven GOP-held districts Hillary Clinton won in the 2016 presidential election. But crowded primaries have generated headaches for Democrats where the party is in danger of not having a single candidate advance to November, a danger that has forced them to spend million to avoid an electoral catastrophe.

The two statewide races for governor and U.S. Senate in the state highlight the fight to claim the progressive mantle in the Democratic party.

In the California primary, the top two finishers in each race advance to the November general election. Three congressional districts (13, 19, and 32) have only one candidate on the ballot - the second candidate will be determined once all the write-in votes are counted.

California election results will be refreshed automatically every 60 seconds after polls close at 11 p.m. ET. There is no need to refresh the page to see the latest data.