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2020 California primary election results

2020 California primary election results.

California is the most delegate-rich Super Tuesday state, largely helping Democrats to amass 40% of the allocated delegates by the time the votes are counted. For Democrats, 415 delegates are up for grabs. On the Republican side, 172 delegates were at play.

While the state typically falls behind in tallying their votes, the stakes were high for former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the two Democratic front-runners as the race continues to winnow.

State Significance

For presidential elections, California is a Democratic stronghold. In 2020, it is a contest between the moderate and progressive factions of the party. In the 2016 primary, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won among the Democrats, securing 53% of the vote against Sanders' 45%.

Among Republicans in the California primary, Donald Trump won overwhelmingly with nearly 75% of the vote.