Obama Hopes to Repeat Maryland Primary Win in November

— -- Democrats have largely dominated the state politics of Maryland for the last century and all signs suggest the blue state will maintain its traditional color in this season's race for the White House.

With 270 electoral votes up for grabs, Maryland offers ten votes. The border state, lined by two large, liberal-leaning metropolitan areas, Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C., contributed to Sen. Obama's "Potomac Sweep" after Super Tuesday. The Senator decisively won the state's primary in February, helping Obama gain momentum over Sen. Hillary Clinton.

"Tonight we're on our way," Obama said in his victory speech from Madison, Wisconsin. "We now have won East and West and North and South and across the heartland of this country we love."

Maryland is also home to the popular Democratic Governor and former Baltimore Mayor Martin J. O'Malley as well as Democratic House Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer.

The latest ABC News assessment categorizes Maryland as "Solid Democratic," but check back to see when ABC News heads to the state to learn more about the developing race.