— -- It comes as no surprise that the Aloha State and birth place to Barack Obama is solidly Democratic and slated to go to the candidate in November.

Hawaii has always leaned liberal and has voted for Democrats in all but two of the Presidential elections. In the Democratic caucus, Obama beat out Clinton 76 to 24 percent.

Having grown up there, Obama is popular in the Aloha state and was even referred to as "Hawaii's third Senator" by locals when elected to the US Senate to represent Illinois.

Obama made a big splash when he vacationed in Hawaii with his family in August. His homecoming was well received by locals but some in the McCain camp saw the trip as indulgent. And some analysts noted that it was politically risky to leave the continental US in the middle of a campaign.

Either way, the Aloha state is likely to turn out big for its native son and easily deliver the four electoral votes it carries.