Palin Power in Blue America

— -- As the "GMA" anchors arrived at the historic train station in Worcester Sunday morning -- greeted by a crowd of several hundred, including a man in a yellow smiley-face outfit (Worcester-invented symbol, merrily oblivious to current economic plights) -- something else was out in force.

Palin Power.

By one very unscientific count, McCain-Palin signs outnumbered Obama-Biden signs by roughly 10-1. Surprise -- they didn't wake up on a rainy Sunday morning to show their love for Sen. John McCain.

"I didn't think anybody would have the chutzpah to pick someone like her," said Daniel Schur, 47, of Westborough, Mass., who came to greet the train along with his daughter to hold a McCain-Palin sign -- emphasis on the Palin.

Key to Gov. Sarah Palin's appeal, Schur said, is her ability to relate to so many in the country.

"That's one thing people from the East Coast and the West Coast forget -- how many people live in the middle of the country," he said.

ABC News Radio's Aaron Katersky caught up with one older woman on the train platform who said she was an avid Hillary Clinton supporter -- and now said family members aren't speaking to her because she's leaning toward McCain-Palin.

"Was Hillary was defeated, I started to listen to the others more carefully, and I find that my agenda matches up more with the Republicans," she said.

On Palin, she added: "I was very pleased to hear her speak -- I think she's a very smart woman. . . . I like a thinker -- somebody who can look at a situation, assess it, come up with a plan, and go forward from there. I think she's that kind of person."