Dem Wives Counter the Palin Effect

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden stumping on women's issues.

— -- Women may be the "deciders" in the 2008 presidential race and so the courting continues -- and it's getting serious.

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden talked to ABC News senior political correspondent Claire Shipman about stumping for their husbands and focusing on issues important to women.

Biden strongly disagreed with recent comments from Cindy McCain that abortion is "not the major issue on people's minds right now."

"I think it's very important personally," Biden said. "But I am of that generation of women who fought for Roe v. Wade and I can't imagine the Supreme Court overturning it. I think women have to remember that."

Obama and Biden acknowledged Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's appeal to women voters but said her gender is not a reason to vote for the Republican ticket -- the same sentiment expressed by Hillary Clinton in an interview with "GMA" on Tuesday.

Michelle Obama was accused earlier this week of diminishing Palin's candidacy and experience by saying voters shouldn't make a decision based on whether "she's cute." Obama quickly added, "And I'm talking about me." But Republicans weren't buying that.

Obama told Shipman that the bottom line in this race is really the economy: "I've run into so many mothers who are working because they have to work, and then they find that their kids are in daycare from seven until six at night. And they have no choice, but they feel guilty."

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