Health Care by the Numbers

Breaking down the health care system by the numbers, a look at Obama's plan.

June 24, 2009— -- Number of Americans without health care: 45.7 million

Number of children in the U.S. without health care: 8 million

Percentage approval on health care: 53

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Percentage of people who support creating a government-funded entity to offer health insurance to those who don't get it elsewhere: 62

Percentage of Americans who support a government plan if private insurers couldn't compete: 37

Percentage of people who are satisfied with "the overall health care system in this country": 43

Number of visits Americans make to doctors' offices annually: 902 million

Percentage of adults who had contact with a health care professional in the past year: 82

Percentage of Americans who get health insurance through an employer: 59

Ratio of people concerned that reform may reduce quality, choice and or cost: 8 in 10

Increase in number of uninsured people between 2000 and 2007: 7 million

Percentage of Americans who have cut back on care to save money: 45

Percent of medical spending that does nothing to improve health: Up to 30 percent, or $700 billion annually

Value of care uninsured people received from hospitals, doctors and providers in 2008: $116 billion

References to health care in presidential debates: 95 [First: 13; Second: 36; Third: 46]

Obama's HHS Nominees: 2

Tom Daschle /Kathleen Sebelius

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