CainTV: See it to believe it

— -- Remember Herman Cain? Circumstances prevented the Cain Train from derailing the Romney Trolley, but perhaps that's for the best. Because now we have CainTV. Or at least a three-minute trailer that promises more to come.

At first glance, CainTV looks like a low-budget parody of, well, something (we're not exactly sure what). Poor production values? Check. Jokes that befuddle? Check. Loud people yelling? Yes, indeed. But near as we can tell, this is no parody. This thing is really happening.

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It's unclear if CainTV is a website or an actual TV network or just some video that a kid made on iMovie. But from the looks of the sneak preview, the venture is aiming for a wide audience. There are cartoons that rip President Obama. There's a documentary on border dangers. And there is a man named Kivi dancing across the stage with an odd accent.

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It's one of those clips that begs to be watched, rewatched, and then watched again with friends so you can get confirmation that you really did just see a cartoon dinosaur hatch from a red, white, and blue egg and then declare his love for America.