George H.W. Bush Hacked, Emails, Personal Information Obtained, Spokesman Says

The hacked material includes numbers and addresses for Bush family members.

Feb. 8, 2013— -- Former president George H.W. Bush was the victim of a computer hacker who gained access to confidential emails and other electronic correspondence between members of the Bush family and friends, the U.S. Secret Service confirmed to ABC News.

Authorities have begun an investigation into the incident, a spokesman for Bush told ABC News. The spokesman could not confirm the content of the emails that were hacked.

"The Secret Service is investigating this matter," said Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan.

The unidentified hacker claims to have gained access to three years of personal emails dating back to 2009. The hacker has posted several of the personal photos online, including one of the elder Bush in the hospital.

The hacked material also includes telephone numbers, home addresses for dozens of Bush family members, including both former presidents. It also includes the security code for George W. Bush's home in Dallas.

This story was first reported by the website The Smoking Gun.