Gingrich won't drop out Tuesday, no matter what happens in Delaware, spokesman says

ByChris Moody
April 24, 2012, 4:16 PM

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Newt Gingrich hinted this week that his presidential campaign could come to an end soon, but regardless of what happens in Tuesday's five-state primary, Gingrich will not use his election-night speech to drop out of the race, a spokesman for his campaign told Yahoo News.

Gingrich told NBC News this week that he is basing the future of his campaign on his performance in Delaware, where he has invested resources in the primary. If Gingrich does poorly in Delaware, his campaign spokesman R.C. Hammond told Yahoo News, the former House speaker plans to "reassess with supporters" but won't immediately suspend his campaign.

In that scenario, "Gingrich will keep his campaign schedule in North Carolina but reassess with supporters whether or not there is a path forward," Hammond said in an email.

If, however, Mitt Romney scores a "razor thin win" in Delaware, a "conservative coalition" could form around Gingrich, Hammond said.

And if Gingrich wins, the campaign will press forward, full speed ahead.

"A win in Delaware builds financial and grassroots momentum going into North Carolina -- combined with the ABC news report that Winning our Future has $5 million to spend on TV in North Carolina could be the beginning of a chain of wins through DE, NC, KY, WV," Hammond said. "Then into a battle royal in Texas and California."

With Gingrich, anything could happen. A campaign staffer told Yahoo News that the people who work for Gingrich have little indication of what he will ultimately decide to do.

"He's the boss who could wake up tomorrow and decide it's all over," said the aide, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Here's the full email from Hammond:

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