Mitt Romney to announce his VP pick on Saturday

ByHolly Bailey
August 10, 2012, 11:34 PM

— -- NORFOLK, Va.--Mitt Romney will name his vice presidential running mate on Saturday.

Per a statement released late Friday, the presumptive Republican nominee will announce his running mate at a 9am rally here on the USS Wisconsin--the first stop of his four-state bus tour of battleground states. The campaign offered no further details, and aides traveling with the presumptive Republican nominee declined to comment.

Almost immediately, speculation began about Romney's choice of venue for the announcement. The USS Wisconsin is the ship named after the home state of House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan, who has been the subject of growing buzz among conservatives in recent days. But the announcement also takes place in Virginia, where Gov. Bob McDonnell has also been  rumored as a possible vice presidential pick.

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