Romney Certain to Shift to General Election Strategy, Gingrich and Paul Still Campaigning, Plus More to Watch for Wednesday in Politics

— -- Then there were three — sort of. Rick Santorum called it quits Tuesday, leaving Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul still in the race for the GOP presidential nomination. But Romney is so far out front in the delegate tally and momentum that it's hard to count Gingrich and Paul.

So, the campaigning goes own, with Romney the presumptive nominee.

Romney has stops planned in Connecticut and Rhode Island on Wednesday, but his message is certain to be aimed at President Obama rather than at Gingrich and Paul.

Gingrich, meanwhile, will be stumping in Delaware, and Paul will continue campaigning in his home state of Texas.

President Barack Obama will have more to say about the "Buffett Rule" on taxes in a mid-morning statement. He gave a campaign-style speech Tuesday in Florida that focused on the proposal, which seeks to hike taxes on the very rich.

And then there is this: It's getting so it's hard to turn on the television without seeing Michelle Obama. She has been on "The Biggest Loser" for two weeks running, and Wednesday night she'll be on "The Colbert Report." The first lady will be on the show to promote her Joining Forces initiative to recognize, honor and support veterans and military families.

Sources: Yahoo! News reporters Chris Moody and Olivier Knox, Yahoo! Washington Bureau Chief David Chalian, Associated Press

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