Top 5 Odd Presidential Memorabilia

PHOTO: George Washington inaugural centennial hatchet
Ron Wade Historical Memorabilia

The Presidential Inaugural Committee is gearing up for the 57th Inaugural Ceremonies with a collection of commemorative memorabilia. This year, fashion icons like Tory Burch, Narciso Rodriguez and Vera Wang are lending their names to a collection of limited edition items in support of the inaugural Runway to Win project.

This blend of high fashion and politics makes modern political memorabilia more fun than your typical commemorative coin, while showing how far presidential swag has come over the years.

That being said, here are some of the more entertaining items honoring past presidents.

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PHOTO: George Washington inaugural centennial hatchet
Ron Wade Historical Memorabilia
George Washington Centennial Hatchet

This commemorative hatchet alludes to the famous cherry tree story associated with George Washington's characteristic honesty. The item was first made available in 1889 to celebrate the centennial of his presidency and features Washington's profile in the head of the hatchet. The handle is embossed with the words, "Washington Inaugurated President of the US April 30, 1789."

Itching to get your hands on your own Washington centennial hatchet? Prepare for a tedious and expensive search. This antique is not widely available, but private vendors have been known to hold online auctions.

PHOTO: Nancy and Ronald Reagan first family paper doll and cutout book.
Ruby Lane Inc.
Reagan Family Paper Dolls

Anyone who wants to get up close and personal with Ronald Reagan can also get familiar with his whole family by purchasing this vintage paper doll set. The Reagans come dressed in patriotic skivvies, which can be changed out for a more conservative look.

The honor of being the former first family's personal fashion advisor will cost about $90 or more. Anyone up for the challenge can bid on this antique on

PHOTO: Richard Nixon Politicards playing cards
Ruby Lane Inc.
Nixon Playing Cards

It's only fitting that one of the most visibly serious presidents is depicted as a goofy king of spades in this Nixon-themed deck of playing cards. The deck includes Nixon's friends and foes as lively caricatures, featuring William F. Buckley and Norman Mailer as the jokers. The familiar faces of Barry Goldwater, Spiro Agnew and Henry Kissinger (to name a few) can also be found in the group.

For the starting price of $35, you, too, can have Nixon and all his friends at your next poker night or magic show. Cards can be found and bid upon at

PHOTO: Jimmy Carter peanut pendant necklace
Bakelite Johnnys/eBay
Jimmy Carter Peanut Jewelry

Second to apple pie, it doesn't get any more American than peanut butter, and former President Jimmy Carter is a solid example of our fascination with this food. Whether you love peanuts, Carter or both, you can celebrate the rise of a humble peanut farmer to the commander in chief with a wide collection of peanut jewelry.

From simple gold peanut cufflinks to cartoonish smiling peanut necklaces, these accessories can make your political wardrobe as versatile as peanut butter.

PHOTO: Boxing elephants and donkeys silk tie
Lori Ferber Presidential Memorabilia
Boxing Donkeys and Elephants Tie

For the "undecided voter" the 2013 inauguration could be a great time to show conflicting political sentiments openly. This vintage silk tie shows the Republican elephant and Democratic donkey duking it out with boxing gloves.

Few clothing items can demonstrate both aggressiveness and neutrality this clearly, so interested buyers should check out for a collection of presidential memorabilia.

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