First 100 Days: A Look at President Obama By the Numbers

Two oaths of office and 19 executive orders later, a look at Obama's presidency.

— -- A look at the numbers behind the first 100 days of President Barack Obama's presidency.

Inaugural Oaths Taken: 2

States Visited: 10

Countries Visited: 9

Foreign Leaders at the White House: 7

Major Legislation Signed: 7

Executive Orders: 19

Cabinet Positions Unfilled: 1

Formal White House Press Conferences: 2

Total Reporters Called On: 26

Town Hall Meetings: 6

Online Town Hall Meetings: 1

Cabinet Meetings: 1

Actors in the Administration: 1

Basketball Games Attended: 1

Baseball Games Attended: 0

Football Teams at the White House: 2

Basketball Teams at the White House: 2

Baseball Teams at the White House: 1

Portuguese Water Dogs Procured: 1

Golf Outings: 1

Weekends at Camp David: 3