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Nov. 4, 2008— -- You can't vote early and often, but you can visit repeatedly to learn more about this historic presidential election. Of course, we'll bring you the news as it happens, including when ABC News projects a winner. But there's so much more:

-- To get the latest election results sent to your cell phone, text "ABC" to 898222 and receive mobile breaking news alerts from ABC News.

-- Select the states you most want to follow at the top of the homepage and change them as many times as you want through the night. Also explore results on our interactive national map as they come in across the country. All of the features auto-refresh each minute with updated live vote results.

-- Our national map on the homepage allows you to mouse over each state to see presidential results state-by-state, as well as Senate, House and gubernatorial races, and a tab to show you what time polls close across the nation.

-- Watch live coverage streaming on your computer with ABCNewsNow with hosts Sam Donaldson and Rick Klein, starting at 7 p.m. ET at Bookmark it now and tune in later.

-- We will have live streaming video from the campaigns' headquarters tonight, including the concession and victory speeches whenever they come. We'll have a live stream for the McCain campaign and a live stream for the Obama campaign. Bookmark it now and tune in later. -- Where is your polling station? Enter your home address and find your polling location at

--Voters can tell ABC News about their experiences at the polls today and read the Ballotwatch team's reporting on these problems with the new Ballotwatch blog.

-- Determine which states need to go red, which states need to go blue to get Barack Obama or John McCain to the White House with the Electoral College Calculator.

-- Who voted and why? When the exit poll results are released tonight, you can come to to break down the vote along multiple demographic lines -- age, race, gender, etc. -- with our searchable exit polls. It's a historic record for a historic election.

-- Which states are leaning red tonight, which are leaning blue? ABC News has analyzed the polling data, information and reported from across all 50 states for the past 50 consecutive days. Check out our "50 States in 50 Days" map and dig down into each state to learn more.

-- What issues will the next president face? From the economy, to health care, to the Supreme Court and more. ABC News correspondents tell you about the issues facing the nation and how a President John McCain or President Barack Obama might affect them.

-- Join the conversation with ABC News Senior Political Reporter and author of the Note Rick Klein tonight as he live blogs through the election returns. Chime in, ask questions, tell us what you think.

-- We will have analysis, reporting and insights from all the best political minds we know:

George Stephanopoulos' blog "The Bottom Line," Jake Tapper's blog "Political Punch" -- and watch video here for his new video blog as well, and our whole team of political reporters contributing to the "Political Radar."

-- See how Obama, McCain, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin got to this day in their lives with our interactive timelines -- stories, pictures and videos tracking them since childhood.

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