Al Gore Won't Give Outright 'No' to Presidential Bid

Gore is often asked about jumping into the 2016 fray.

October 1, 2015 — -- Is Al Gore running in 2016?

He's been asked repeatedly -- and often gives the same answer -- but it is never a straight up "no."

“I am a recovering politician. The longer I go without a relapse the less likely one becomes,” the former Vice President and 2000 Presidential candidate told the Atlantic's James Fallows at the Washington Ideas Forum.

Gore admitted that he had overused this answer, but said, "I'm gonna give it anyway."

Gore gave a virtually identical answer to Fusion's Jorge Ramos, in an excerpts of an interview that will broadcast on October 6.

After hearing Gore's first answer, Ramos subsequently asked, “Are you ruling out any possibility of running for president in this campaign?” and “I just wanted to know if you want to run for president again.”

Gore repeated his claim about being a recovering politician.

ABC News reported in August that a group of friends and former aides are having a “soft conversation” about the possibility that Gore run for president in 2016, but noted that no formal or informal moves had been made.

After reports about Gore considering a bid began surfacing, his spokesman denied any truth to them.