Why an Anti-Chris Christie PAC Is Saying Mission Accomplished

The "Stop Chris Christie PAC" announces it is shutting down.

The fundraising group, dubbed “Stop Chris Christie PAC,” was set up last November to stop the New Jersey governor and GOP candidate from becoming the next president and it has announced it will shut down.

“Our committee believes that Mr. Christie has already performed the service of stopping his campaign in spirit, (without our aid) even if not by the letter of the law,” Bjorklund writes. “Therefore, we intend to stop (cause to come to an end) the Stop Chris Christie PAC within the next 30 days.”

Two national polls by Fox News and CNN after the first debate show Christie stalled at 3 percent support.

“It doesn’t look like we are in any danger of having a Chris Christie presidency,” Bjorklund told ABC News. “We really didn’t do much with it because we wanted to wait until the campaign got going. We thought we would have it ready.”

Christie’s campaign declined to comment.

“Considering the fact that Christie's campaign is in a death spiral, we see no need to expend the energy to reconstruct the PAC,” Tancredo told ABC News in a statement.

The fundraising group has raised $50 and spent $8 so far during the 2016 election cycle, according to FEC records.