Author Michael Eric Dyson Says Americans of ‘Good Conscience’ Should March on Cleveland to Stop Trump

Author and activist Michael Eric Dyson is calling for a march on Cleveland.

Dyson, who published a piece in this week’s New Republic titled “We Must March on Cleveland,” told Klein and Bruce that “those of us of good conscience must descend upon Cleveland.”

“What the Republicans have essentially done is created this monster that is Donald Trump. Now it’s eating them alive,” Dyson said. “Donald Trump has been incubated in a particular kind of womb, of assaulting the so-called pathologies of black life.”

Reflecting on what he perceived as little “resistance” to Trump despite occasional “grumbles” from party leadership, Dyson said, “I don’t know what’s more impoverished than the inability to say ‘this does not represent us. We will not support this.’”

“The way in which the Republicans have gone about their business has led to a lapse in engagement with more ennobling and uplifting American ideals of disagreement and debate,” Dyson added.