3 Awkward Celebrity Interactions With Secretary of State John Kerry

Sometimes celebrities just don't know how to act around John Kerry.

— -- Secretary of State John Kerry hosted superstar Elton John today, where the two announced a $7 million partnership between John's AIDS foundation and the United States HIV/AIDS eradication effort, PEPFAR.

But perhaps caught up in the excitement of the announcement, Sir Elton gave Kerry a demotion, calling him "Senator."

It's not the first time Kerry had an unscripted moments with a famous philanthropist.

There was also this bromantic moment caught on camera between him and actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

And that time Ben Affleck shook his hand/squeezed his bicep:

In the end, all those awkward photo ops are for a good cause. In addition to Sir Elton raising money for AIDS initiatives, DiCaprio was part of a campaign to help the world's oceans, and Affleck was in Washington to bring attention to the humanitarian situation in the Congo.