Barack the Deejay: Obamas Reveal Intimate White House Dance Party

President and Michelle Obama have danced to soul music in the Yellow Oval Room.

December 17, 2014, 12:02 AM

— -- It's played host to royalty, presidential family Christmases, and first lady summits. At one time it served as FDR's personal study.

Now, President Obama says the Yellow Oval Room in the upstairs residence of the White House has also served as his personal dance floor.

In an interview with People magazine for release Friday, Obama reveals that he, the first lady and close friends spent a recent Friday evening grooving to soul tunes in the privacy of their official Washington home.

"Friday night. In the Yellow Oval. We had some guests over. It was a small group,” Obama told the magazine when asked about the last time he danced.

“Somebody wanted to dance. And Barack was the deejay,” Mrs. Obama explained.

Obama said his playlist included selections from rock legends.

“We started with Aretha’s ‘Rock Steady.’ Sly and the Family Stone," he said. "Then we ended the night on Al Green, and everybody did a slow dance.”

The Obamas are known to love music and dancing, and have been seen singing and dancing in the front row of a regular performance series they host at the White House.

The president most recently showcased his dancing abilities on stage with Santa at the National Christmas Tree lighting. Earlier this year, Mrs. Obama released a Vine video of herself dancing with a turnip.

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