Ben Carson Proposes Separate Bathrooms for Transgender People

The LGBT community is outraged.

ByABC News
November 5, 2015, 3:36 PM

— November 5, 2015 -- In an interview today with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, Ben Carson said there should be separate bathrooms for transgender people.

“How about we have a transgender bathroom?” Carson told Ramos. “It’s not fair for them to make everybody else uncomfortable.”

He added, “I think everybody has equal rights but I’m not sure anybody should have extra rights -- extra rights when it comes to redefining everything for everybody else and imposing your view on everybody else.”

The Human Rights Campaign immediately issued a statement condemning Carson’s remarks and calling on the other candidates to do so as well.

"Ben Carson can’t go a week without invoking reckless and irresponsible stereotypes about the LGBT community, and his suggestion that transgender people be required to use segregated bathrooms echoes an ugly past our country should never revisit," HRC President Chad Griffin said in a statement.

In the same interview, Carson expounded on a similar theme in regards to his views on gay marriage. Marriage is between a man and a woman, he said, noting that he believes in equal rights, but “that doesn’t mean you should change the definition of a long standing pillar of our society.”

ABC News' Ryan Struyk contributed to this report.