Bernie Sanders and Larry David Together at Last on 'Saturday Night Live'

The senator joined the comedian for a sketch.

— -- So meta.

Asked how New Hampshire was going, Sanders replied, "Well, it's pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good," referencing David’s famous line from his show "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

Saturday was the first time the two doppelgangers stood side-by-side since David debuted his instant-Internet sensation impression of the presidential hopeful on "SNL" last fall. David hosted the show Saturday night.

During a "Titanic"-esque skit, David was arguing he should be given a spot on the sinking ship’s lifeboat because he was from a wealthy family.

“Hold on, hold on, wait a second. I am so sick of the one-percent getting this preferential treatment,” Sanders boomed, coming on set waving his finger and wearing a vest and newsboy cap.

“Enough is enough,” he continued, delivering one of his go-to campaign lines. "We need to unite and work together if we are all going to get through this."

“Democratic socialism,” Sanders replied.

“Huge difference,” he continued in his accentuated Vermont-via-Brookyln accent. Sanders is the longest-serving independent in Congress and a self-described democratic socialist.

The senator introduced his character as “Bernie Sanderswitzky.”

“But we're gonna change it when we get to America, so it doesn’t sound quite so Jewish,” he said.

Sanders would be the first Jewish president if elected.

On the trail, Sanders has embraced David’s rendition of him. Ahead of the TV appearance, Sanders’ campaign added a special splash page to featuring a picture of Larry David. The fundraising page referenced one of David’s jokes about Sanders’ small-donation, anti-super PAC campaign, asking readers to contribute their “vacuum pennies.”

After David's first appearance as Sanders, when he teased him for his clothes and rough-around-the-edges look, the senator joked with reporters he did in fact own more than one pair of underwear.