Bernie Sanders gets the scoop from Ben & Jerry's employees

The senator spoke from behind an oversized ice cream container.

For the record, Sanders was speaking from behind the oversized Ben & Jerry's pint lectern.

The optical illusion prompted some comical reactions, including one Twitter user who captioned the photo, "Worst bachelor part ever" -- an obvious nod to the concept of a stripper jumping out of a cake.

Sanders spoke with employees about education, environmental issues, and labor issues, according to ABC affiliate WVNY.

Sanders responded, according to WVNY, "When you got millions of people in this country who are forced to work two or three jobs, to cobble together healthcare and the income they need, that a minimum wage nationally of seven dollars and a quarter, that's a starvation wage," Sen. Bernie Sanders responded.

Sanders told workers he will propose legislation in the next few months to raise the minimum wage nationwide to $15 an hour.