Bernie Sanders Walks Back Claim His Campaign Is Unsettling Global Markets

The Vermont senator appeared on ABC's "This Week."

Sanders’ campaign has focused largely on the size and power of large corporate banks and Sunday he said he was pleased it was getting the attention of Wall Street.

While campaigning in eastern Iowa on Saturday, the Vermont senator paraphrased an interview in a Wall Street Journal article several times with pride, drawing applause from the crowd, that said his viable candidacy was a reason markets have been unsettled.

“We are taking the entire establishment. We are taking on the economic establishment. We’re taking on the political establishment and -- all due respect -- we are taking on the media establishment,” he said. "I expect that Secretary Clinton will get a lot of endorsements from mainstream media."

Sanders added he has received endorsements from some major progressive organizations, including, as well as more than 2 million contributions to his campaign.