Why Bernie Sanders' West Coast Blowouts Matter

Bernie Sanders' three victories matter.

Sanders told ABC News' Jonathan Karl Sunday morning that he remains the "underdog" but that the campaign believes they "do have a path to victory."

"What we showed yesterday is in fact the momentum is with us," Sanders said. "We think we're going to do well in Wisconsin. We think we got a real shot in New York. And then we go out to California. You go out to Oregon. That's the most progressive part of America."

Still Clinton is already leading by a greater margin than President Obama ever had during the campaign for the Democratic nomination in 2008.

Sanders' landslide victories not only mean that the Clinton campaign will have to continue to run primary races in Western states, but also that they still have a significant amount of work to do to bring progressives on board for a general election, should she win the nomination.

However, his support among left-leaning voters from these Western states only paint part of the picture, as Sanders also enjoyed large crowds and enthusiastic backing in redder parts of Washington and Alaska.

In addition, these states are known for their counter-culture. Ken Miller, a Clinton supporter and well-known party organizer from Tacoma, Washington, told ABC News, "The party is fairly irrelevant in people's lives."

Sanders fans celebrating in Seattle’s Safeco Field Friday night before voting the next morning said they were inspired by the senator's unwavering commitment to stay in the race.

Kimberly Mayhle from the city's Capital Hill neighborhood said she was with Sanders "until the end," and that friends and neighbors of hers were "100 percent more excited" for this election than they had been in the past. Her friend, law student Andy McClenahan, said he was glad Sanders was continuing discussion on key issues he supported like reforming the criminal justice system and higher wages.